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Museums and attractions

Au coeur de l’Ardoise in Bertrix

This is, literally, the centre of slate stone. In 1977, after a century of mining, the slate quarry closed down. Since 1997, the underground corridors are open to the public (an underground network of almost 1 km at a depth of 25 and 45 meters). You will be shown a 25 minute video about the surface and underground activities of the mine. After that, a lift will take you down the shaft into the mine. Guest staying at Ardennen Camping Bertrix will receive a discount on the standard entrance fee.

The fortified castle of Bouillon


This castle is the oldest and most interesting relic of ancient feudal Belgium. It was built in the 8th century and was once the residence of Godfried of Bouillon, the first crusader (1096).

Archeoscope Godfried of Bouillon

Audio-visual presentation within the scope of the beautiful 17th century monastery about the history of crusader Godfried of Bouillon, with many special effects which take you back into the atmosphere of the 11th century.

The tourist train of Bouillon

An original way to do a guided tour around the old city and its surroundings; 12 centuries of history pass you by and you will make at least 3 stops from where you have a marvellous view.

Wildlife park of Bouillon

Meet the animals that live in the woods of the Ardennes! This park has an area of ± 12 hectare and is situated 1,5 km away from the centre of Bouillon. Here you can see deer and wild boars as well as kangaroos, emus and maybe even a lynx.

Museum of Celts (Libramont)

Discover the unknown world and civilisation of the Celts as well as the misunderstandings and wrong interpretations that exist about these people. The museum exhibits many objects like jewellery, weapons, decorations on animal skins and implements from everyday life. Furthermore, they show an audio-visual editing and several reconstructions.

Fourneau Saint-Michel (Saint-Hubert)

This domain houses several museums; the museum for iron and old metal industry, the Walloon country life museum and the house of the Ardennes draught horse. On the 21st of April there is an annual, traditional celebration with folkloric groups, artisans, local products, etc.

Euro Space Centre (Transinne/Libin)

Everything you always wanted to know about space and astronauts! Experience the emotions of an astronaut aboard a life-size American shuttle. You will shake during take off and Dirk Frimout will tell you the beautiful story of the astronauts.

The Abbey of Notre Dame d’Orval

The name Orval will probably ring a bell for many beer lovers. You can visit the ruins of this medieval abbey, nose around in the 18th century cellars and visit the pharmaceutical museum and the medicinal herb garden. In the shop you can buy cheese and beer produced in the abbey as well as postcards, books and religious items. Tasting the products is not possible in the abbey, but not to worry! Nearby you find the Auberge de l’Ange Gardien where you are more than welcome to taste them all.

The caves of Han

Very famous in Belgium are the caves of Han and many have probably already been there during a school trip. If you haven’t seen them yet, now is the time! This enormous domain is now a popular place to visit where you can easily spend a whole day. Besides going down into the caves you can visit the wildlife park where you can do a guided tour by car from which you have a panoramic view and are able to observe the animals without any risk. You can also visit the museum of the underground world and the old farm which houses a self-service restaurant. It’s up to you to decide whether to do the whole tour or to pick out the excursions that interest you the most.

Bastogne Historical Centre and American memorial

With the memorial of Bastogne, the entire Belgian population pay homage to the American army and the allies for their cooperation to liberate Europe. Here you find three very interesting things you shouldn’t miss:

  • A collection of uniforms, weapons, authentic material of the men fighting the war and a film, especially made for the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the battle for Bastogne.
  • An amphitheatre where you will be shown the story of the “battle for Bastogne”.
  • A museum dedicated to a heavy battle, founded with the help and advice of generals who, back in those days, fought each other.Commentary in French, Dutch, English and German.