Excellent sanitary facilities

There are five modern heated sanitary buildings spread out over the campsite, with showers and washbasins with hot and cold water. The stone buildings fit perfectly into the landscape of the Ardennes; most of the sanitary buildings have just been fully modernised. The washing cubicles are lockable and that offers the privacy you need. You do not need any tokens to use the showers. There are Miele washing and drying machines in the main building.

Sanitary facilities for children

In the sanitary building in the middle of the site there is a separate fun children’s sanitary unit. The small toilets, washbasins at various heights, showers with a raised floor and a spacious family shower are particularly popular with young children (and their parents). Naturally there are also special areas for washing babies, for our youngest visitors.

Sanitary facilities for the disabled

One of the buildings contains sanitary facilities for the disabled. These are only made available to the disabled (by means of a key system).