Bookingconditions Ardennen Camping Bertrix


Bookings can be made via our website or via telephone.


On the campingpitches you can stay with a tent, campingcar, caravan or motorhome. Caravans wider than 2,5m or longer than 8m are not allowed on our campsite. On one campingpitch maximum 2 small tents and 1 partytent are allowed. An additional fee applies in this case.


The campsite tries as much as possible to deal with all preferences of their guests. A campingpitch can be changed untill the day of arrival, unless the preference fee has been paid.


After receiving the bookingconfirmation, 50% of the total invoice amount needs to be paid within 2 weeks. The payment of the rest must be received by the campsite at least 6 weeks before arrival. With bookings made within 6 weeks of arrival, the total invoice amount needs to be paid within those 6 weeks. When exceeding the terms of payment, the camping is allowed to charge extra administriation fees and/or cancel the booking.


The prices mentioned are for a specific year. Except Typing/printing errors, unforseen tax raises or mistakes, the prices remain unchanged for that specific year.


For all rental accommodations we charge a security bond. Upon departure this bond will be refunded, should the caraan be left clean, no inventory has been broken and/or the caravan has not been damaged.


On changes that contain partial cancelations (for example, shortening your stay), our annulation conditions apply. For all changes, extra fees can be charged.


A. Within 7 days after the confirmation date, cancellations can be made free of charge. Except bookings that have been made within 6 weeks before arrival.
B. Cancellations between 7 days after the confirmation date and 6 weeks before arrival will be charged 50% of the total invoice amount.
C. Cancellations betweed 6 weeks before arrival and 1 week before arrival will be charged 90% of the total invoice amount.
D. Cancellations between 1 week before arrival and the arrival day itself will be charged the full invoice amount.
E. .When departing earlier / or arrivang later than the dates of the booking, no refund will be given of the made payments.
F. Cancellations need to be done in writing.


Booking the cancellation fund is being advised. By booking the cancellation fund, Aansluiting bij het annuleringsfonds wordt geadviseerd. Door het aansluiten bij het annuleringsfonds one can indemnify the cost of cancellation of accommodation / camping, as one of the party:
A. Suddenly got ill or hurt after an accident;
B. has to deal with someone passing away in the immediate family, which means passing away of a wife/husband, parents, parents in law, children, brothers or sisters.
On top this fund will make that there will be no charge in case of cancellation, should the head of the family become unemployed. Booking the cancellation fund can only be done directly when making the booking. The cancellation fund covers from the day the reservation has been made untill the day of departure as noted on the booking. When leaving earlier because of one of the above mentioned reasons, refunds will be given in proportion of the days unenjoyed holiday days. In this case you need to notify the reception when clearing out the campingpitch/ accommodation. Used extra's will not be refunded with an early departure. To make use of the cancellationfund a proof of the reason for cancellation needs to be shown. When cancelling no refunds will be given on the premium of the fund and the bookingcosts. The costs of the cancellation fund are 5,5% of the total booking amount and EUR 5,-- for administrationcosts.


Camping: The campingpitch can be entered from 13.00 o clock and needs to be cleared before 12.00 o clock on the day of departure.
Rental accommodations: The rental accommodation can be entered from 15.00 o clock. Directly after entering the accommodation, we ask you to report any missing goods/items at the receptin. On the day of departure, the accommodation needs to be left clean before 10.30 o clock.


On the campite only vehicles of our guests are allowed; par campingpitch/ accommodation 1 vehicle. The vehicle must always be parked on the owners own pitch. It is not allowed to park the car on the paths of the campsite. No traffic is allowed between 23.00 and 07.00 o clock.


Visitors of our guests must always be introduced at the reception. Visitors pay a visitorsfee and can park their vehicle on our parkinglot.


Per campingpitch maximum 2 pets are allowed (max. 1 in summerseason). For rental accommodations a maximum of 1 pet is allowed for the whole year. The hygienic walks of the pets must take place outside of the campsite. Pets must always be on a leash. In some facilities pets are not allowd (such as sanitarybuildings). It is not allowed to leave pets unattended. Any damage or contamination caused by a pet, the owner is held liable. It is the owners responsibility to make sure that the presence of the pet doest not disturb other guests.


The connection on the electricty network of the campsite must be made with a Eurostekker (10A).


Entrance to the swimmingpool is allowed for all camping guests (free) and visitors (paid). The rules (see entrance swimmingpool) must be followed.


A. Fire extuinguish appliances can be found in all sanitarybuildings and common spaces.
B. Heating and kitchen appliances must be placed and used in a well ventilated space.
C. Open fires and campfires are not allowed.
D. Barbecuing is only allowed when using high BBQ's and must be watched at all times. A bucket with water must be within reach.
E. On our campsite, a maximum speed of 5km/hour is set for all vehicles, also bikes. Cycling is only allowed on roads. Skateboards and rollerblades are not allowed on the campsite.


A. The campsite can not be held liable for any loss, theft of injury coused by any guest. No matter how this injury occured. Participating in any of the campsite (or third party) activities is strictly on own resposibility.
B. Camping guests and users of the rental accommodations must respect the code of conduct when entering the terrain.
C. Camping guests and users of the rental accommodations that cause nuisance can be, after a warning, be removed from the campsite without any compensations.
D. Statements of employees of the campsite, no matter in what kind of function, concerning the liablity of the campsite, are not binding.
E. Between 23.00 and 07.00 o clock it must be quiet on the campsite.