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Bertrixbertrix kamperen
Split up by “La Samois” in the south, Bertrix shows a variety of typical landscapes. Discover the walking routes, the excursions or the houses which give you an idea of what the past must have been like in these pure, unspoilt surroundings. Everywhere you can enjoy the space, the quietness and the fresh air of the forest. The most popular place to visit in this city is the slate stone mine, from which derives Bertrix’s nickname “City of Slate”.

Bouillon (20 km)

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Walking through Bouillon is like travelling back in time. The Semois River runs through the centre and splits the city in two, with historical buildings and cosy terraces on both banks. In the direct area of Bouillon you find many typical Ardennes style houses, old mills and tobacco driers. If you prefer to take it easy, you can jump on the tourist train for a tour around Bouillon.

Saint-Hubert (28 km)
Saint-Hubert is the European capital for hunting and nature and is because of bastogne omgeving campingthis status a popular meeting place for hunters (during autumn the annual hunting celebrations take place in Saint-Hubert). Above all, this city is a starting point for many beautiful walks through the area. The city itself has several beautiful churches and chapels, an abbey (founded in the 7th century but rebuilt in 1729), a basilica and many other monuments which are evidence of a rich history.

Redu (22 km)
This small village has no less than twenty bookstores which attract bibliophiles and curious visitors all year through. Besides bookstores you find many artisans in Redu (i.e. a paper manufacturer, a potter and a book binder) as well as many artisan shops.

Florenville (24 km)omgeving wandelen stelletje camping bertrix
Florenville is the centre of commerce and tourism of the Haute-Semois. This city is only 4 km away from the French border, so take your time and visit our southern neighbours in the French Ardennes too!

Rochehaut (20 km)

As the name already indicates, Rochehaut is named after its location; overlooking two valleys. Down the hill you find the small village of Frahan with its typical houses with slate stone roofs, surrounded by the Semois River.

Ucimont Botassart (20 km) omgeving camping bertrix activiteiten

This picturesque village offers a marvellous view overlooking the Semois Valley, including the legendary “Tomb of the Giant” or “Le Tombeau du Géant” as they like to call it there. The old castle with its outbuildings and park, the chapel dating back to the beginning of the 16th century and the plain Ardennes style houses determine the aesthetic, architectural and historical value of Botassart.

Torgny (65 km)

This village got its nickname “La Petite Provence” for a reason. It’s the most southern village of Belgium and has the highest temperatures of the country. The authentic houses give a southern impression and are abundantly decorated with flowers during summer. Definitely worth a visit…omgeving activiteiten bertrix omgeving

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Camping Bertrix is a four star campsite. By the ANWB (Dutch car federation) rated as best campsite in the Ardennes.